Startup Bootcamp


Come experience one of the most transformational and intensive startup bootcamp that Silicon Valley has to offer. You will work closely with talented and experienced mentors, experts, and investors to redefine your Mindset, Model, Messaging.

Boost Your Startup

Our unique blend of focus on mindset and execution will equip you with highly valuable and actionable insights specific to your situation.

Learn Innovation by doing it

Change your mindset, learn how to tell a captivating story, learn from VCs on how to pitch to investors, and network with experts in your area. Our program is highly engaging, focusing on your role as an entrepreneur and the vision and execution of your startup. You will work with our program team and our experienced mentors.

Our program is selective and has been described as one of the best startup programs to understand Silicon Valley.

The things you will learn

  • The Silicon Valley Mindset
  • Raising money in Silicon Valley
  • How to formulate and communicate your vision clearly
  • A “tough love” analysis of your business model and go to market strategy
  • How to pitch in Silicon Valley
  • How to set foot in Silicon Valley/ your realistic options
  • Assessing the US market for your startup
  • Networking with investors, entrepreneurs, and potential clients



To make the program personal and specific to your needs, we will learn from you with pre-program interviews and feed our program design with this info.


On-site in our Menlo Park location, consisting of-

Week 1
5 Days of intense workshops and 1-on-1s with our team and mentors
Pitch event to present to our panel of Angel and VC Investors
Networking in the Silicon Valley ecosystem


You’ll have the opportunity to pitch your business, gain valuable feedback from our panel of local VC and angel investors.


Week 2
Extended networking in the Silicon Valley Ecosystem
Additional 1-on-1s with our teams and mentors to refine week 1 insights
Using Silicon Valley Italian Hub offices as your home for your own explorations


Toghether with our partner BootUP, we've been helping startups set foot in Silicon Valley for almost 10 years. We offer a range of options from co-working spaces to give you a home to providing fractional CXO services to accelerate your launch.

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Who should participate?

Startups that want to learn from the Silicon Valley ecosystem to –

Transform their mindset

Assess their entry potential into our ecosystem

Enhance their mindset and skills through an intense engagement SV style

Meet potential local investors, partners and clients

Startups can send up to 2 people to the program, one of which should be the CEO.

Next Program

September 19 – 23, 2022 (Menlo Park)

Currently accepting applications.

Application deadline: September 09, 2022

Please use our online application form. We will review your application and invite you to a video interview with our team.

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Our mission is to connect the Italian
innovation ecosystem to Silicon Valley.

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